Material support

Siri has the relevant technical and practical know-how to advise you in your choices of material support for your investigation and espionnage activities.

Advice and sales

Our specialists are trained to supply you with:

  • Professional monitoring and imagery for videos and surveillance (for professional use only).
  • Security and anti-theft devices

This service is only made available to professionals.

Observation material

Our team is qualified to install material used for investigations and surveillance. We know which products to use according to specific needs. (Exterior, interior, on foot or mobile).

Videos and tapes are delivered in standard format and and are of high quality to fit their purpose.

Theft, industrial espionnage, dishonest employees, disappearances; the installation of the adequate equipment is effected during all types of investigations.


Espionnage equipment requires specific training. Our team is qualified and keep up to date with the latest technology…

Our specialists are thus always at hand to gather data of the highest possible quality and, naturally, we can retrieve the data to add to the dossier.

Technical developments in equipment ensures the success of all types of investigations.